To be seen with your true potential - and to achieve what you desire with all your heart. This is where I will guide you.

It is often underestimated how important clear ideas of what we really want in life are.


Therefore, the first thing we do is to check or explore your vision and goals. If fears, concerns, or behavioural patterns prevent a clear view of these, we will solve them at the point where they arise. And I guide you until you are stable on your new path.

How We Work Together

Our first meeting consists of 2-3 days. My clients are happy to take a time out for this in Ibiza, but we can also meet in Barcelona, Bali, Germany, etc. – or online.

During this first meeting, everything will be put on the table: your current state, your family situation, secret desires as well as many new possibilities and paths that are feasible for you. We will make you aware of your desired life concept and, if necessary, get rid of what has so far prevented you from realising it.

Afterwards, I will guide you in the implementation of your steps. Because only in everyday life do the inner obstacles, ingrained habits, deeper challenges, and the necessary stamina to create something new become apparent. We will talk on the phone about every 2 weeks, later monthly for 45-90 minutes – until you are secure and stable on your path. This is usually achieved after 9-12 months.

“Make the best out of what already exists.
That is often much more than you can see or imagine.”

Your topics can be of a private or professional nature. Whether it’s emerging stronger from changes, making the best of a crisis, finding your place between family, work, everyday life, and yourself, making better use of your time, finding motivation and energy sources or building up inner strength and being more self-confident

I see you and I am at your side. Emotionally, for decisions or simply to strengthen your back. As a guide, sparring partner, with new perspectives, ideas, and lots of energy. Like a good friend, only better, because I only have one thing in mind: the right path for you to your heart’s desire.

Are you ready? Then let’s get to know each other!
I look forward to our first cost free discovery call!

Voices of my Customers

“Andrea is very charismatic and has great empathy that immediately spills over to everyone around her. She is the kind of person you want to have close to you.”

Paula Fefferbaum

“Andrea has done a great job. My business is expanding. Andrea has helped me to grow with it and with the new challenges as a business owner. She is very structured and clear. At the same time, she is empathetic and has tremendous intuition in identifying blockages.”

Denise Klischan

“Andrea has not only given me the tools to learn and overcome my fears. She was also always there when I had to face something and lacked courage. A person who instils confidence from the first minute”.

Montserrat V.

Andrea Wirsum

Coach | Consultant | Trainer
Ibiza – Berlin – World