Voices of my Customers

“Andrea has helped me to dedicate myself to the activities I care about, to recognise my character and to focus on achieving my goals. Today I am a new person who has stepped out of her comfort zone, and I feel much more fulfilled.”

Antonia Juan Canals

“Andrea has not only given me the tools to learn and overcome my fears. She was also always there when I had to face something and lacked courage. A person who instils confidence from the first minute”.

Montserrat V.

“Andrea is very charismatic and has great empathy that immediately spills over to everyone around her. She is the kind of person you want to have close to you.”

Paula Fefferbaum

“Andrea did a great job. My business is growing. Andrea helped me grow from that and from the new challenges as an entrepreneur. It is very structured and clear. At the same time, she is empathic and has tremendous intuition in recognizing blockages.”

Denise Klischan

“Andrea shows a very rare ability to read between the lines …. she is very open-minded. I appreciate her structured but sensitive approach to understanding each situation. She’s realistic yet optimistic, and I’ve really enjoyed working with her a lot.”

Anica B.

“Andrea had the ability to identify and point out my strengths and talents, allowing me to grow professionally and also as a person.”

Agustin Vidal

“The best sales training that is also applicable to every aspect of life as well as delivered in a masterful and entertaining way.”

Ruben García

“Andrea always looks for the positive side of things and understands how to really listen. She assisted me in making two important decisions, one on a personal and one on a professional level. They turned out to be the best choices for me.”

Koen van Kerckhove

“A very practice-oriented course where the trainer managed to involve all of us and create a special atmosphere that invites reflection and helps to consolidate the skills acquired.”

Maria Losada

“Andrea is the smartest, most positive and engaging person you will ever meet. She is results-oriented, very detailed and always on the ball.”

René Lönngren

“As the owner of a training institute I have employed many trainers in my professional life. I can assure that Andrea Wirsum knows how to reach participants beyond the teaching content. She is a magnificent trainer and person.”

Gonzalo Molinero García

“Andrea is a very professional, reliable and organized trainer. Perfectionist and very well prepared, approachable and friendly, enthusiastic and energetic. She did a very good job.”

Cristina von Arnim

“Remarkable is Andrea’s passion to provide security and confidence, as well as her extensive experience as a coach and trainer.”

Óscar Larrea

“Andrea is clear and direct. She always listens carefully and guides you through the process. Andrea brings positive energy and a wealth of knowledge from her various work and life experiences.”

Jane A. Stewart

Andrea Wirsum

Coach | Consultant | Trainer
Ibiza – Berlin – World